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Manakeep 728x90
(Apr 11, 2017)
Hi Zanorin, sorry the guild is active but the website less so, lol. What's your @name?
(Mar 27, 2017)
Hey guys, I just jumped back into ESO for a look after a loooong break, if the guild is still active i'd love an invite!
(Mar 02, 2017)
Welcome to the site Ricksta.
(Mar 02, 2017)
Sees Eyes is now ToolWorX.
(Feb 01, 2017)
(Jan 14, 2017)
am I the only 1 who unable to login atm?
(Dec 31, 2016)
Hey Guys...just wanted to let everyone know I'm back! Took a long break from the game and just subscribed again. Started allover though so will be building up a new character from the ground. It's good to be back!
(Oct 25, 2016)
I have spoken
(Oct 17, 2016)
Woo hoo! I richorz!!!
(Oct 17, 2016)
Congratz to BBQstarter for winning last week's 5000 Gold from the Puzzle. This week's puzzle is sponsered by @Applinator who complained about the puzzle last week. You all suffer because of him. :)
(Oct 14, 2016)
The Word Scramble remains unsolved. The prize for this puzzle is now 2000 Gold to whoever solves it!
(Oct 12, 2016)
New Word Scramble is ready to go!
(Oct 11, 2016)
Guild Jigsaw Puzzle is back!
(Sep 06, 2016)
So the trial group going to be tonight as maintence on Wednesday??
(Aug 08, 2016)
I made a guild announcements channel in Discord for you Zynt
(Aug 06, 2016)
apologies i changed the trial night to wednesday
(Aug 03, 2016)
normal trials night starting next week! see calendar
(Aug 03, 2016)
(Aug 03, 2016)
i scred a invite back to ur awesome guild thanks
(Aug 03, 2016)
No worries Insane! :)