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Guild Code of Conduct
No Swearing

Preferred member conduct on the server for all members, including Officers and the GM. If you see someone, even myself, acting in a manner not befitting of BoV, please let one of the Officers know so they can look into it.

* General Attitude: We are trying to build and maintain a good reputation within the ESO community, so refrain from arguments and rudeness in general, zone or any other channels. Be courteous and helpful to lowbies, those in need, and people you are grouped with. If a group is not going well and you want to bail out, be polite and explain that you need to go, apologize and then leave. Dropping group with no explanation is frowned upon.

Everything you do reflects on the guild, and people will remember your guild more often than your name if you are rude. The simple rule is: "Don't create drama, and don't leave people with bad feelings about you or the guild." If you have problems with someone on the server that a simple ignore won't fix, let an Officer know what happened via a mail either in-game or a private message on the guild website. Better we're aware of it before it becomes a server-wide drama fest =).

* Chat (MA15+ rated): Please remember, respect the people that you play with. Harassment of any type will not be tolerated. Religion, politics, illegal drug-use, and sexual activity are considered taboo and should not be discussed in guild chat, excessive swearing is also a no-no. On TS3 we are a little more relaxed in these rules, but please be aware of who is in the channel and moderate your language accordingly.

Arguments should be done in private, with a guild officer present, either using group chat or in TS3 if needed.

Do not insult or otherwise offend people. Offending someone or excessive swearing will receive one private warning. A second offence will incur a further private warning and loss of Guild Chat privlidges for a 2 hour period. Continued offensive behavior will result in removal from the guild.

Spamming or begging in Guild Chat is a no-no and subject to the same measures as offensive conduct.

Please try to extend the in-guild rules to out of guild chat channels. Anyone observed causing trouble in zone or server channels may be disciplined.

Never divulge someone else's personal details.

* Guild Grouping: This is a guild that has a strong focus on grouping together. We do raids, dungeons, PvP and general events as a group. With that in mind, we understand that everyone wants to play their own game and may not always be available for group activities. If you see someone asking for a group in Guild Chat, please at least acknowledge that you've seen the request, but are unable to help.

All players must have TS3 installed. It is a condition of our Raids to at least be able to listen to commands issues through voice comms.

* Player limits: If a player whose Rank is Blade or lower is inactive for 30 days the character can be removed from the guild. This is to keep the roster clean and with active members only. Players with the Rank of Blade Elite or above are allowed 6 months of inactivity. If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, let the officers know your plans, or post in the "Time Out" forum.

If you are removed from the guild after a period of inactivity, please don’t take it as an insult – if we haven’t been advised that you're going to be away, it is just part of normal housekeeping. Rejoining the guild is as simple as a message and a few clicks anyway.

* Guild Bank: The guild bank is there for all to use. We encourage our members to deposit and withdraw as they wish, but excessive withdrawals will be seen and queried. "Ninjaing" of the guild bank is grounds for instant /gkick.

* Professions & Crafting: Crafting for guild members is done for free. The only exception is when a member requests an item, you may ask for the materials.

* Referrals & Adds: Feel free to refer friends and other players to the guild. If you played with someone and enjoyed it, by all means add them. At this point, inviting privlidges are open to Blade Elites and above, and we do reserve the right to change these permissions at any time.

* Leaving the Guild: In the unfortunate event that you wish to leave the guild, please contact an officer before doing so. When people see someone has left the guild, they will generally ask why and it would be nice to be able to explain the reasons for leaving.

No Swearing