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Nvidia display driver problems

So during Hel ra citadel my display adapter crashed and recovered from kernal error, binged the problem and came up with this.'m curious to know i...
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Guineven0389Member avatar small Guineven 2y
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Cockatiels from @Fuzzymoose
Member avatar small Shaylia 3y
Shaylia201567Small @Rocket_TESO 2y
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opinions please

So @Twotents made this trailer combining Skyrim and How to train your dragon. Would you guys give him some critique please :) How to train for Skyrim:
Member avatar small Shaylia 3y
Shaylia2200Small Rhi 3y
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Share your pets!

A place for us to share pictures and videos of our pets!
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Shaylia5427Small Lianara Bloodway 3y
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Anything Oceanic :)

Just talking to people tonight, we have a few Scuba divers , fisherman, etc. so thought I'd put up some stuff for us people :)
Small magpie 3y
magpie16953Small magpie 3y
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Make the green one taste like happy

Hey guys, i thought you might be interested to read something funny out of one of the old forums for Age of Conan from when it was in its early days.. i found this and had to copy/paste it cuz its so demented.. (just a heads up.. its long, the guy...
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My Current Desktop Background Picture

Thought I would link this. :)
Small Ransyn Bloodway 3y
Ransyn Bloodway1163Small Ransyn Bloodway 3y
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