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[Pinned] Introduce Yourself!!

Hello friendly guildies!!I thought a thread where we can introduce ourselves and do that little 'bio' bit to get to know each other would be good! So I shall start...I am Lussuria from Victoria, Aus. 26 years old and work in IT phone support (basi...
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Lussuria9412572Member avatar small Alicea Takissis 1y
General Discussion

[Pinned] Looking for Groups

Looking for a leveling partner or a regular group to do content such as Craglorn or dungeons? Post here! Remember to include your level, role, what you want to do it and availability.
Small Snow Bite (@jaibie) 2y
Snow Bite (@jaibie)91321Member avatar small Bashshi'Ra 1y
General Discussion

[Pinned] Website Suggestions

Post here any suggestions you have around what you would like to see included on the website. If it's not a ridiculous amount of work, I may just add it. :)
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Ransyn Bloodway212277Small Ransyn Bloodway 2y
General Discussion

[Pinned] Jigsaw Puzzle Screenshots

Post your screenshots here of the completed jigsaw puzzle to win the prize of 2500 Gold!
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Recruiting For An Officer

Hey guys!One of our Officers is no longer playing regularly due to real life commitments. As such we now have an opening for someone else to step up into the position. If you are are interested in joining the Leadership team for Blades of Vengeanc...
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Ransyn Bloodway1266Small Ransyn Bloodway 4y
General Discussion

Update 12 Sets - What are we interested in?

I'm curious as to what sets people are interested in. For myself, I'm looking into:Toothrow- (2 items) Adds 967 Max Stamina- (3 items) Adds 688 Weapon Critical- (4 items) Adds 688 Weapon Critical- (5 items) Gain Major Savagery at all times, increa...
Small Ransyn Bloodway 1y
Ransyn Bloodway1346Small Ransyn Bloodway 1y
General Discussion

Leaving Guild

Hey guys, my stay was short however eso didn't quite catch my attention much this time so I'm off to play other games for a while. When I come back to the game if you guys are still around I'll re-apply.
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General Discussion


We are trialling a discord server for BoV, to potentially replace TS3. Invite code: place any feedback in this thread :)
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Snow Bite (@jaibie)51159Small Natcch 1y
General Discussion

Returning to the game and hoping to be re invited to the guild

Hi all, i was part of this guild pretty much from launch and have recently returned to the game and would really like to be part of this guild again. @Greysong is my ingame contact, hoping to hear from someone soon.Cheers
Member avatar small Grey'ah-el 2y
Grey'ah-el91060Small Snow Bite (@jaibie) 2y
General Discussion

Interested in doing some PVP...

Hey all!After the most recent patch - PVP has become a little more attractive. Id really like to unlock some skills (Need me Vigor and Caltrops and all of the things, stat)I am aware some of you are avid PVPers. The PVP group I am in (Heavy Cavalr...
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Kytte3467Small Kytte 2y
General Discussion

Maw of Lorkhaj - Rakkhat (last boss) back room strategy

Well done everyone who stuck through learning the last boss fight of the Maw of Lorkhaj (normal) tonight (Friday 11 March).The back room aspect of it was an interesting mechanic - exposing and eliminating hidden evil Khajiit with a special synergy...
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Zynt24987Small Dauth 2y
General Discussion

DIY Programmable Keypad

Just thought this might be of interest for some of you guys out there:
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Khaydrinn0308Member avatar small Khaydrinn 2y
General Discussion

Hello Everyone, returning Guildy

Hello it's Owlgren,Well, Life happens and I disappeared for a while and am so happy to return.Could someone send me a Guild invite in-game? Blades is not showing on my Guild Panel??????Also, we are in deep FREEZE here in New England, USA, -12 Win...
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General Discussion

guild reinvite?

Hello!Glad to see the guild still going strong and running regular events :)I had to abruptly cut my eso playing time short last year and thus I was removed from guild for inactivity :(I'll need to relevel from scartch again as my WIP toons on AD ...
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Arxaios2465Small Ransyn Bloodway 2y
General Discussion

Character Back Stories

So we are getting to know the players in guild. Now it's time to get to know the Characters. Give us the biography of your toon. ☺
Small Ransyn Bloodway 2y
Ransyn Bloodway0112Small Ransyn Bloodway 2y
General Discussion

Guild Fishing Trip

What else would you do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? Go fishing of course!A group of us met up in Wrothgar for this purpose and had a blast. :)Our goal was the Epic fish in the waters off Wrothgar, and we got the little bastard! Cheers to @Genera...
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Ransyn Bloodway3492Small Ransyn Bloodway 2y
General Discussion

Expanding the guild

I don't want to ruin the social aspect of the guild, rather I'd like to see it grow, so I'm not proposing we get a high volume location for a trader, but I think it'd be good to see the guild store used more and BoV getting a guild trader somewher...
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Hey Everyone, So I've just logged in for the first time in a year! Going to play casually again, I've noticed a few things...I've got no friends and guild now, although still have my account here, if maybe I could get an in game invite please?Cham...
Small Zealand 2y
Zealand3382Small Ransyn Bloodway 2y
General Discussion

New guild rank criteria and inactivity policy

There are new criteria for guild rank promotions as follows:Veteran: 1 week after sign-up to guild websiteBlade: 1 month after sign-up to guild websiteBlade Elite: By recommendation of another Blade Elite or aboveBlade Champion (Officer): Voted on...
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Snow Bite (@jaibie)2421Small Ransyn Bloodway 2y
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