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#11918884 Jan 04, 2016 at 09:28 PM
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I'm Iveria a.k.a. Kat. Kiwi, digital artist, writer, gamer, and dork! I like to play sneaky/archer classes.

I started playing in beta, and just got back to the game after very long absence, so I'm having to re-learn the game... be prepared for suckage!

#11944556 Jan 12, 2016 at 01:03 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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Hi Kat,
I do remember your name im sure nad good to see you back, and i'll see ur suckerage and raise you inexperienced old person noobage !
Uber Leather Sta Sorc Noob dps wanna be ;)
+ Daedra Mates >:( >:(
#12020293 Feb 02, 2016 at 09:18 PM
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I'm Jason, go by Dacu named after my Son Declan, I play as Dekku a DPS NB (Declan again), Moushmi a templar healer (named after my wife who is a nurse), and have 2 other toons Aidesh and Mut'na which I rarely play but are named after my other two sons.

I'm from Melbourne Australia and work in IT for an insurance company in 3rd level support / design work, specialising in automation and PowerShell on Microsoft Enterprise tech.

This game is my relax time, so I mainly play evenings when the kids go to bed.

I've been an elder scrolls fan since morrowind was released on xbox, always preferred the sneak/thief with bow class, I've played WOW about 10 years ago as a heavy paladin healer.

Just hit vr16 with my healer and she is ready to do some pledges, or group delves, or even running IC sewers.

#12031792 Feb 05, 2016 at 07:01 PM
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Hey everyone

I'm new and if your wondering about my name well after trying soooo many account names that got rejected I gave up and just typed in OHIDUNNO ... my other account is Thisiscrazy after once again several failed attempts.

anyway I'm from New Zealand, home of the rugby world cup and only team to win back to back cups.

Started playing ESO not long after launch (14 days short of getting the Sench Tiger mount :-( ), stopped playing because of SWTOR (which I still raid a couple times a week but that's about it these days) came back to ESO a few months ago and after changing gear and skills I'm really enjoying and totally looking forward to learning the dungeons and other stuffs and no I don't often believe in gramma
#12048484 Feb 10, 2016 at 09:59 AM
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Hello. I'm @curiousrose. Just started ESO, so all my builds may get binned at any time. They don't take it personally... pretty sure.

I'm not Australian. American. Really sorry about that whole jacking up the world/starting wars everywhere thing. I don't sleep much, and writing all day/playing all night may end up being my jam, so an Aussie guild sounded perfect.

If you need a cautionary example or erratic distraction, I'm your woman. Just let me know.

... Yeah, I got nothing. *waves awkwardly*

#12055798 Feb 12, 2016 at 09:40 AM
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Hello BoV,

I'm Kurt. I'm 27 male, from New Zealand, I dislike sports and think Aussies are cool lol. So to wind my work mates up I usually pretend to support Australians who are supposed to be my mortal enemy?

In New Zealand I'm specifically in a town called Timaru, population ~32k in the city, ~40k in the district. It's in the south island, 2hrs south of Christchurch and nope earthquakes did not affect us.

I work at the local district council as an "Asset Management Systems Administrator" which basically means I work in Asset Management (getting best out of what you have) and the systems around it. It's a desk job dealing with paperwork, SQL, databases, bit of programming and teaching people who to press print on occasion.

My interests include running (long distance/endurance), warhammer 40k miniatures (just getting back into them), gaming obviously (I have a heavy MMO and RPG background) and hanging out on the internet talking to peeps (this is an invitation if you wanna message me in game or on here if you wanna chat).

This is me, putting that here for interest because I much preview "Creepy Woody" as my forum avatars.

Anyway, hopefully I fit in and I look forward to playing with you all in-game Kurt Konners (spiderman reference).


#12056435 Feb 12, 2016 at 02:00 PM
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Welcome Kurt! I'm just getting into running, my doggy helps me stay motivated! Have you tried Zombies Run? Good running app suited to us gaming types :)
#12063885 Feb 14, 2016 at 11:45 PM
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Hey all im Profanum and i mostly play the twitchy arena shooters like quake, unreal tournament and primarily Reflex these days. Been playing a fair bit of teso as a result of the family discovering netflix and the likes so the bandwidth being destroyed is not good in a competitive format. teso has filled the void lately and I've come to quite the like game as a result.

And yeah i'll just leave this here...
#12105516 Feb 26, 2016 at 05:21 PM
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Hi I'm Adam, (Stateoffantsy88)

I'm from Queensland, gold coast, Aus.

I've been playing since the beta on and off and pretty quit when socializing with people.

played WoW for years and raided with a Shadow Priest. I'm running both AD and DC toons, main ones are a DC magicka Night blade and a AD stem Night blade.

once I get my toon to vr16 ill try to get into the endgame mechanics.
Remember when ESO was Released, Pepperidge Farm Remembers
#12120163 Mar 01, 2016 at 08:43 PM
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Hi all, @Gerck here, Katie to friends, Stacey or Tracey to the people I speak with in my full-time occupation in a government call-centre, where I alternate between helping the Nannas of Australia figure out what a broswer is, and working out how to get people through their day-to-day problems.

Most days, I love my job and enjoy coming home to chill with ESO, some days work is beyond stressful and all I'm capable of at the end of it is rolling play-dough snakes with the boy child while reading what's happening in chat. And then of course, there're the days when work's frustrating and there's nothing I like more than coming home and killing everything in sight. During that quiet hour before the kids get up of a morning, I cave in to the temptation to stop and read every last word from NPCs as I crawl my way through the story side of Cadwell's quests. There's nothing I don't love about my first MMO.

In a previous life I spent ten years in a book store where I selected all the fantasy/sci-fi/YA/kids' books on the shelves, then I stepped sideways off the bottom step of a ladder and my knee has never been the same since (no arrows involved unfortuntely). That's where the Elder Scrolls problem began.

Oblivion and Skyrim were my gateway drugs, ESO was just an extension to them intially, then I completed Coldharbour, found myself in Cyrodiil and after running around with PUGs for a couple of Vet ranks, tagged along with some lovely gents from DIG, and eventually arrived here with BoV.

Pledges are the next challenge, Gerckschmirdl's still figuring out her armour and stuff, but that's all part of the fun - if it gives this 42 year old Taswegian an excuse to avoid free-to-air tv, then I'm happy!
#12455948 Jun 12, 2016 at 05:42 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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Hey all, I'm D3lthar or Del for short.
I'm from Brisbane, Aus.

I'm just getting back into ESO after a 2-year break, ESO didn't agree with my computer so we decided to separate for a while. My obsession with Elder Scrolls started back in Oblivion and still feel that it's my favourite of the Elder Scrolls games. I also run multiple characters, which leads to me not having any high level characters.

When I'm not gaming I'm studying, fishing or out doing some photography.
I'm a serial game jumper and always have multiple games going at the same time so I don't burn out too quickly, however I intend on being here for some time if you'll have me.
This does not include my soul ;)
#12507791 Jul 02, 2016 at 12:05 AM
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Hi folks, my handle is @Antias, but you'll see me on a toon called "El'cat" (Dual Wielding Stamina Templar)

Melbourne based old fella (my earliest memory is watching the moon landing), IT consultant by day, slave to two dogs, a cat and the husband by night.

My gaming history started before PC's (with the original red boxed Dungeons and Dragons from late 70's)
Computer-wise... Been through Baldurs Gate (all), Neverwinter Nights (all), Everquest (both), Star Wars Galaxies (can you say bot farming?), WoW (shudder), DDO (best damn game still but needs graphical modernising now), all single player RPG's (Mass Effect, all Elder Scrolls series, Witcher series, etc) and finally to ESO.
I have a number of low level toons that i created soloing in EP (highest is 28), but a friend at work suggested i switch to AD and join this guild and start from scratch (which I don't mind).

I've always played healer oriented classes, favouring combat medic style builds (bit of healing, bit of combat).
My best toon of any game was a Repeater Crossbow wielding 3 Rogue/17 Cleric in DDO.
Find and disable traps, unlock chests and stand back and shoot sh!t while keeping an eye on groups health.

I've a lot to learn in ESO still so please be patient and i'll ramp up my skills as quickly as possible.

Cheers :)
#12774909 Oct 12, 2016 at 12:35 AM
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Greetings. This one would like to take a moment to introduce herself. Her name is Siriana Ithil'rakka which means Claw of the Moon in some elvish language or another. This one was born on a tiny moon orbiting a far-away planet called Norrath, where she grew up, became a powerful master of beasts, and adventured with her partner, Bettik, who Siriana hopes you will have a chance to meet soon.

This one fell into an enchanted sleep some time ago, on the stairs of the royal palace in her home town of Shar Vahl, and awoke in a strange new world called "Tam-riel" - a world beseiged by demons and necromancers, and all manner of evil. She awoke with nothing but the clothes on her back, a white tiger sleeping at her feet, and a wooden staff, glowing with magic, in her hand.

Looking around, this one found her beloved Bettik a short distance away, shaking his head as if to clear away fading memories, or the faint echoes of musical notes still ringing in his ears. He had lost his trademark lute, instead his hands held 2 gleaming, dangerous daggers.

It was then that this one and her Bettik met a mysterious Khajiit named "Razum'Dar", and the rest, as they say, is history.

This one is enjoying her new adventures very much, but she misses her loyal companion, Spot, with an ache that hunkers in her belly and she hopes to be reunited with him someday. Or it could be some bad mammoth pie, Siri is not sure.

Sometimes in her dreams, this one is a strange creature with no fur or claws or whiskers or anything that a proper Khajiit should have. She vaguely resembles one of those Breton types, perhaps a Nord. She lives in a beautiful town called Brisbane with another strange, mostly hairless creature, often referred to as husband, and 2 weird, adorable housecats.

The dream version of Siri is an artist, and runs a business together with her husband. She loves great television shows, often moonlights as a tiny elf called "Irridescence" in another war-torn, demon infested world, plays boardgames and role-playing games, draws, builds 3d models, swims, cooks, crochets, tends her plants and generally enjoys life. She is a MASSIVE fan of one named David Bowie. Massive. Huge. You have no idea.

Siri is not entirely new to the world of Tamriel, her last adventure here was some years ago. She remembers having green skin, tusks and living in a place called "Wayrest".

In Tamriel, her nickname is o0ariadne0o, but she usually goes by Siri.

She is very pleased to meet everyone. :)

~Something happened on the day he died. Spirit rose a metre, then stepped aside. Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried; "I'm a blackstar."
#12787839 Oct 17, 2016 at 08:08 PM
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So, I've been poking around here and there for a few days. I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself.

On a whim, I decided to give ESO another try. Actually, really, it was by pure accident that I came back. My computer fried in the middle of my third attempt to finish Dragon Age III, so I commandeered my husband's computer and of course, I can't find my game save in the cloud...grr.

Anyway, he did still have ESO installed, even though neither of us had played for two years. Meh, I'm really bored, so I'll waste time there until I get a new computer right? Big mistake. I now have a new addiction (again).

Honestly, rather happy I did. I can't believe all the changes that have been put in since I left. It seems like a completely new game. I can't wait. (Crafting bags...omg...I'm gonna squee like a school girl).

Okay, a bit about myself.

First the basics. I'm 41 years old, though no one seems to believe it, even at work. I have been married to my best friend for 11 years and still couldn't be happier. We have one daughter, age 3, named Jacquelyn (Jackie for short). She is adorable as most children are, and therefore, she is spoiled, but we are working on that. We live in North Texas (That's in the United States for those that aren't aware), so expect y'alls mixed in with my speech. I don't really have a huge southern drawl (unless I'm drunk or really tired,

Both my husband and I work for a casino in Oklahoma as Pit Bosses in Blackjack. I love my job, but it does have it's stresses as all jobs do. Honestly though, I socialize all night and they pay me well to do it. I've worked a lot worse jobs for a lot less money. I can't complain.

Experience wise, this isn't my first rodeo. I started playing MMOs in 1998 when a friend convinced me to play Ultima Online. I remember teasing him thoroughly before hand. I mean, really, paying fifty bucks for a game, then paying another ten a month to keep playing? Who does that? I got hooked immediately though and never looked back. I ran a successful roleplaying guild for about 6 years before I moved on. From there, my husband and I played WoW for about 5 years. (Oh, btw, we met in UO and it actually stuck. Who'd a thunk?). WoW was a slower start. I joined a few guilds here and there before finally creating my own. We started as a just a dungeon crawling guild but ended up being a high end raid guild by the end of it. Unfortunately, I got sick and couldn't be available as was needed, so I stepped down. People keep trying to pull me back in, but I just can't vision myself running around in Pandaville. Since then, I have played Rifts, LotR, D&D Online, and Star Wars: ToR. In SWTOR, some friends from WoW and UO got together, and we formed a guild, but it was short lived. I think we all played for about 6 months before we lost interest and jumped to ESO. I think there are a few other MMOs in there, but I honestly can't remember. My husband and I played ESO for a short time, long enough to level into vet before real life crept in again. Babies take up a lot of time, btw. If anyone didn't know that.

Okay, so I haven't really played an MMO for almost 2 years. I tinkered around some RPGs here and there as time allowed, but I've missed the social interaction that a good MMO can give. I'm not looking to lead anymore. I got that out of my system, and I don't really have the time for it anyway. I really just want a place to hang out and run around with friends as we kill stuff or whatever.

I'm mostly around in the wee mornings here, so right in y'alls prime time, which works perfect. If people are around when I am, we can do stuff. If no one is, I can explore alone until someone shows up. I'm easy.

As far as other interests, I'm a geek and rather weird (which as far as I'm concerned makes me awesome, but I'm biased). I read a lot. I play with my daughter. On Tuesdays, we host a gaming night (tabletop roleplaying). Honestly though, I work, come home, sleep, go to work. Somewhere in there I find time to game.

Anyway, so that's my introduction. HI! I'm really not that weird. Well...okay, so I am, but I'm a likable weird.