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The Heist: Kytte's Request

Date: Mar 15, 2017
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Kytte
Category: Alliance

Kytte Fernbrow, a renowned thief across Tamriel has been noted for her magnificent heists and glorious escapades.
But no one ever said anything about reading into the rules too literally...
After staging a bet with Far'ren-dar at Abah's Landing over who could steal the most within an hour, Kytte realises this may be a little bit more difficult than usual.
After all, the conditions of the heist have been set: steal the most within an hour....on Skooma and remain undetected. "This one has never been so good with the Skooma." The location of the heist has been set. The City of Daggerfall in Glenumbra. "This one never liked Glenumbra. All those hoity-toity Bretons...but they have such deep pockets".

Kytte has decided to enlist the help of a very renowned guild to help her steal these items. Far'ren-Dar said nothing about seeking help...

This will be a timed event starting at 8pm AEST. The mission is simple. Steal the most within an hour within the city of DAGGERFALL and report back to Kytte to receive glory and prizes. This is a good opportunity to grind out those pesky legerdemain skills, find some homestead blueprints and win some gold. We will use a scoring system and (hopefully) a mod so I can track progress. (Will be clarified soon. If not, I will use an honesty system and people can count up what they have and back it up with a screenshot.)

Where can you steal from?
Pockets, lockboxes, barrels, bags. Anything that gives you the steal prompt.

What will be counted and how do we determine the winner?
We will use a scoring system to determine a winner. It goes as follows:
GREEN stolen goods= 10 points
BLUE stolen goods= 30 points
PURPLE stolen goods = 50 points
The person who scores the most points wins.

Recipes, blueprints, materials, weapons and armour will not be counted. This is for stolen treasures only.

How long does the event go for?
One hour starting at 8pm AEST. Sydney time.

What are the prizes?

1st: 10,000 gold.
2nd: 5000 gold.
3rd: 1000 gold.

Once you have counted and submitted a screenshot of the scored goods and we have announced a winner, you are free to do what you like with the stolen items (extra cash prizes for you.)

Any further questions please whisper @Kytte in game or on Discord.

Discord will be required for this event. There is no need to voice chat if you dont want to (it will just be a fun thing to do whilst looting...). There will be a text channel for the event on the night.

Tank (0)


Damage (4)

1. Kytte Fernbrow Nightblade

2. Celanwae Nightblade

3. Jimbodavidson Nightblade

M. Llanas Arano Nightblade

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