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Imperial City District Bosses

Date: Mar 04, 2017
Time: 04:00 PM
Posted by: @Applinator
We're going to run around Imperial City killing district bosses and hope we don't meet another zerg!

It'll be fun, you'll probably score some telvar, maybe get some skyshards you wouldn't normally...

A few notes:
- It'll be AD, apologies to anybody who mains a blue or red
- You will need access to the Imperial City DLC (either via purchase or subscription)
- Discord, whilst not required, is strongly recommended. Even if you just listen in, I'll be calling the shots that way and am too lazy to repeat everything via chat
- Feel free to drop in and out as required - we'll head in as soon as we have a decent group, but I expect people will come and go as time allows. We'll kill stuff until we get bored.
Tank (2)

1. Cyrator Sorcerer

3. Faust Templar

Damage (8)

2. Natcch Templar

4. Claire Lightning Nightblade

5. Asha Feroza Nightblade

6. Alduin-Wyldefyre Sorcerer

7. Blitzd Sorcerer

8. dramper Sorcerer

9. Cataranes Templar

10. Abribah Sorcerer

Support (1)

M. Sees Eyes Templar


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I can turn up depending on the time it is run. I am guessing it will be west coast time?

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