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[Pinned] Themed Screenshot Competition: Topic - Rest and Relaxation

Time to answer that age old question: "What does your character do to unwind after a hard day of being a Hero?Gather up your screenshots or go and get new ones. Post up your best screenshot here with a caption, showing your toon unwinding after a ...
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Should share a few creative odds n bobs.Will make this thread look nicer when not at [digital stuff] [irl art practice]Will pop in some ESO arts here soon :)
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The Taking of Fort Roebeck - BoV Style

Written by Nysnar Von Fizzle Shield“Time to claim a Keep for the Guild guys.”Ransyn glanced from face to face, amused by the various expressions he saw. The anticipation and bloodlust he could see on some faces stood out in stark contrast to the a...
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Ransyn Hitting vet 10

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