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Guild Media

[Pinned] How To Upload Videos To The BoV Youtube Channel

Hey guys. I've been looking into ways for people to be able to upload their own videos onto the BoV Youtube account. This is actually easier than I thought.All you need to do is create an email, attach the video in question and send it to dd91xakh...
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Guild Media

Guild Youtube Channel

So, as many of you should know, the guild has it's own Youtube Channel. I have been a little lax in putting up videos (something that I plan to remedy shortly). Check out the link below and see what we've got up there. I've added a new Playlist in...
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Guild Media

Vampire Quest - Semi Guide
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Guild Media

Custer's Last Stand

Courtesy of Crashman!
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Guild Media

Molag Bal. Daedric Prince of Bugs, Glitches and Bullshit

So...I go in to kill Molag Bol, right. Get through the Gauntlet fine and baton down for the fight. I go in swinging, drop my Dragon Banner and get him down to 1/5th health pretty easily and I'm thinking, geez, I dunno what Soapy was bitching about...
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Guild Media

Flying solo

Just defended a keep from 16 blues by myself while Tirani went to make food.
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Guild Media

Guild Outing!

So as some of you were aware, I was recording a little bit of our guild adventuring this evening!Now, I would like to say - if anyone is at all uncomfortable with me recording/posting videos with their character/voice in them, please let me know a...
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